Sunday, November 9, 2014

Zoey is 5!

Wow FIVE!!! How did this happen!!!??
We had a fun day! Zoey and Logan came to school with me and a half day and then I took off the rest of the day. Jake met us at noon for zoey's birthday lunch. When we asked Zoey if she wanted to just do lunch with just me and daddy she said "no! Logan can come because I don't want him to feel sad". I love how much she considers others. 

We went to my ultrasound and the kids got to see Piper in there kicking around. After we took Zoey to get ice cream and a hair cut! 

After dinner we had cake and presents and it was a great little birthday! 

Zoey has grown so much even in the last few months! With the start of pre school her learning has taken off. She LOVES to do letters and draw and color. She can't wait to do homework and her writing is getting better every day. 
Her new bad habits are chewing her hair! It's driving us crazy! She also licks her lips until they are chapped. I hope this fades really fast! 
She still loves critters and really loves art and coloring now. She will draw on any paper any time! She likes markers more than crayons. 
She says "i love you" and loves to be cuddled up watching a show. 
She plays really great with Logan. 
She is so courteous and considerate. I love when I walk in the room with a new shirt and she goes " that's cute!" 
She writes her z's backwards sometimes
Her hair is always a disaster! 
She loves baby animals. Zebras
She loves Zupas and wild zuchini grill
She still comes in our bed almost every night! A habit we need to break fast! 
She has a REALLY loud voice! 
She loves rules and "choosing the right". She has an amazing sense for what is right and wrong. 

She is really growing up. We love her so much! Everyone loves her! I can't wait to see what this year brings for her!

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