Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Gender Reveal Party

We had the best gender reveal party!! I've been wanting to do one of these for so long! I went and had a private ultrasound done at 15 weeks and had them seal the sex of the baby in an envelope which I passed on to my friend Jaime who became the only one to know and the plan the reveal!

We had so much fun creating the decorations for the party. It all came out how I wanted it to!! 

We had great weather and loved hosting the party at our own place. We had so many friends and family come we felt really loved. 

Jaime had us go on a scavenger hunt and then it lead us to the reveal in the front yard. The kids pulled the string to release the ballons from the box. The balloons were pink!!!!!! Yay!! A girl!! I was thrilled along with Zoey and most everyone else but Logan's expression was priceless!! 

We got the best video of him showing clear disappointment about it being a girl! He cried in our arms and slapped his knee. It was so adorable it was hard not to laugh. So glad my friend Heather got all that on my phone! 

We even had a tv station play it on "right this minute". 

I am so excited to have another little girl. The name Piper was already set for her from the beginning. We just love her so much already!

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