Sunday, December 8, 2013

Logan is 3!

Logan is three!! He can only hold up two fingers though so saying he's two ... Or four. Oh so much feistiness and cuteness mixed together in this little boy! 
Logan's talking has exploded in the past six months . It is such a treat to spend time alone with Logan because he loves to comment about everything! He says things like "that's so cool" and with lots of emotion "that's beautiful " And "that's awesome, humongous, ginormous....." I love all his expressions! He speaks really well and it's easy to have a convo with him.
He is more stubborn than Zoey and more rebellious. He doesn't really care if you're counting to three or planning to leave without him . He just does his thing and is mostly motivated through candy, or something exciting like a binkee. 
He loves to share his feelings. Well .... He loves to tell us "my angry" or "you make me sad" even when we just tell him to pick up his toys . He says this a lot followed by something about us being mean or something being stupid. He even said to me the other day " you don't love me"!! Where does he learn this stuff! Oh any anytime you call him 'Gigi,sweetie , little guy...' He will get upset and say 'my just Logan !"
He loves construction trucks and cars and super heros. He is a true boy always slamming his cars together. Destruction destruction! 
He still takes naps and is now sleeping in a toddler bed. He has had a few bad nights getting up lots but has done really great. He also has been doing greT with potty training. He likes to poop on the potty and makes everyone come see how big his poop is! He actually clogged the nursery toilet with his poop one Sunday! Jake had to go in a unclogg it. We were kind of proud! Ha. 

Logan loves to cuddle in mommys bed and watch movies and play games on the iPad. He's a bit obsessed with playing games and something jake and I are trying make him chill out on! He's resentless sometimes! 

Logan has the most beautiful little face! He has a few light freckles on his nose and a big dimple and huge brown eyes. I can't help but kiss him all the time. I still love to bury my face in his hair and just be close to him! I hope he will always let me of that!

In just a few weeks he will be in primary! He is so different from the newborn baby born three years ago. I love being his mommy! 

Happy birthday Logan !

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