Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zoey is FOUR!!!!

There is nothing more exciting than Zoey's Birthday! The girl can't contain herself! We made our little birthday chain link and she patiently cut one everyday! We made rainbow cupcakes for her preschool class and she knew exactly what she wanted her cake to look like that grandma made her! On her birthday  Jake took the day off and because I had laryngitis I left school early. We took Zoey to Zupas for lunch. We had family over to open presents and then went off the a church Christmas party.

This is such a grown up year for Zoey. She is potty trained and a pro at it. She started taking dance and started preschool. She is in primary now. She is certainly not a baby anymore.

Zoey's personality is amazing. She is sociable but not overbearing. She loves to be a girl, but is fearless in most things. She is independent but loves to cuddle up. I adore this little girl.

Something things about Zoey:

- She LOVES rules! This is great most of the time, until someone else isn't following a rule and she has to point it out. I think she is going to be a tattle tale.

- She is inquisitive. She is always asking HOW? WHY? WHEN? WHERE? And she really listens to your answer and take it in. She really just likes to learn and understand things. Whenever she is having a tantrum, or doesn't want to do something, if you explain why we need to do it, she gets on board. I love that she can reason.

- She gets out of bed usually 2-4 times a night. Jake and I put her back in her bed and then two hours later, Zoey is squeezed between us again! The girl loves to cuddle!

- She loves her Calico Critters. She sets them all up and it takes forever before you can actually start playing!

- She loves when grown ups play with her

- I can tell she is learning from Daniel Tiger show because when she does something, she sings the little songs as if to remind herself of what to do "Saying sorry is the first part and then ask 'How can I help?' is the second" or something like that. Sometimes she gets upset if Gigi doesn't ask her "How can I help?" haha.

- She is maternal- a true girl.

- She loves soup, goldfish, vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, milk in a cup, cereal

 Zoey Talk:

-Zoey was sprawled out on the floor complaining that no one would pick tomatoes in the garden with her. The she gets quiet for a minute and then says "I wish Jesus were here. He would pick tomatoes with me"

"Saying sorry is hard"  (After being in time out I told her she needed to say sorry to Gigi)

"Logan you can't eat an otterpop for dinner. You can have something healthy like yogurt, applesauce, chicken nuggets, oatmeal...." (So wise!)

I could write about Zoey all day. She keeps up very entertained and very on our feet! We love you Zoey! Happy 4th Birthday!

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