Friday, July 12, 2013

Picnic with The Girls

As soon as we got off our red eye flight, we headed to meet up with my girlfriends to have a picnic with all the little ones that have come about in the past few years! lol. We went to Millbrook Park and ate and played with the kids! It was so odd being with all my best girl friends with all the kids. It is such a new phase. I can't wait for all the girls to add to the crazy kid party!!

Zoey and Ember (Jov daughter) were immediate friends. They were so cute together. Ember is super tall and looks older than Zoey. Logan loved Jov's new baby Clay. Asher was not really sure about any of us, but let us chat with him and posed for a few pics. 

Wish I could get together with them all every week. 

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