Friday, July 12, 2013

Logan 2.5 Years Old

Logan is my cute lil man. I could watch him all day. He is aggressive and loves to play and love to let you know how he feels. He is really laid back about a lot of things, but when you upset him he lets everyone know. He is a good little brother and plays with Zoey, being her husband, or her patient, or the daddy. He lets Zoey steal his binkies and let's Zoey pick the books and the movies and the ice pop color. But.....don't tell him he can't have ice cream until after dinner or that he needs to pick up his toys now. ha. 
Logan loves and hates to be scared! He wants to watch scary movies, read scary book, and pretend to be a scary monster, but don't try to get him to eat his apple sauce today cause it's "too scary". 

Logan is still a lover of cereal and fruit snacks but what I love is he is willing to try any food we are having and isn't a picky eater. He also loves yogurt and fruit and hotdogs.

It seems like his talking just exploded one day. He was say two word sentences to full 6-7 words sentences. When you ask him to say 'please', he doesn't just say the one word, he'll say "Can I have more peaches please?" He is started to sing songs too. You can usually catch fragments of Old McDonald Had A Farm, I Am A Child Of God, Wheels On The Bus, Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam. It's so cute. 

Potty training is going well. He has been potty training for the last 6 months a little bit at a time. We started trying hoping to get Zoey interesed, but Logan ended up showing more interest in it. He likes to go in his potty and for everyone to see his pee and poo. ha

Logan still takes a good nap at about 1:30-2pm and then goes to bed about 9:30pm and wakes up about 9:30am. I love that he loves sleep!!!! 

Some cute Logan phrases:

"My sad" "No my not" "I.Want.A.________" (really slow and loud) "What the heck"

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