Saturday, March 16, 2013

Logan Loves The Potty

I never in a million years would have thought that Logan would have been the first to potty train. We haven't really even be pushing the potty with him. It seems like just one day he was ready to try. We didn't think anything of him peeing in the potty the first time. Clearly this was just a one time thing, but he kept letting us know that he had to go. I started a sticker chart and before you knew it he was pooping and peeing on the potty 4 times a day. It has gotten to where if we keep his pants off, he just goes on the potty when he has to without us even having to ask. It's pretty awesome. We are so proud of this little guy.

Zoey. She is sooo excited for Logan. She always wants to give him his sticker or potty candy. She has even been seen sitting next to him to read him a book while he is on the potty. But... if you has her even to sit on the potty it is a huge melt down. She DOES NOT want to! She says she's "too little". I haven't been pushing it too much. This must be a power struggle. I know she will do it when she is ready. This summer I will make to sure to devote some time to it. She is a cute little girl who really loves her diapers. (and binkies and bottle...geez!)

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