Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zoey is 2!

Zoey is two!!! I am just loving how this little girl of mine is turning out! She is so sweet, yet has so much personality and life in her!

For her birthday we were in NY to celebrate with my family before our big move across the country! We had family over and played games and Zoey got to blow out her birthday candles (like a pro) and open presents! She got some adorable outfits and even got her very own trampoline!!

Here are a bunch of things about our 2 year old:

She can count to 10 with a little help

Knows her shapes

Can't get a color right for her life. She knows all the names of the colors, but NEVER gets it right if you ask what color something is. It's pretty funny!

Loves Dora, Monsters Inc and Up and Nick Jr. in general

She could never have enough ice pops or ice cream

Great at saying Please and Thank You when you give her something

Loves to say "Ready...Set...GO" and then have a race

Got out of her bath the other day and came around to where we were naked, soaking wet and in her dress up heels

Fold her arms, bows her head and closes her eyes during prayers

Is starting to memorize her books we read

Stamps one foot and crosses her arms when she doesn't get her way

Is really nice to Logan...even when he pulls her hair

Is in a "mine" phase

Wakes up screaming A LOT at night lately. I miss my amazing sleeper! Not sure if it's molars or night terrors

Loves to sleep with mommy and daddy if we let her!

Will cuddle now!

Loves to sing songs that have motions "Wheels on the bus" "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes"

Has the cutest little voice! She talks so much now. Tries every word and says 4 word sentences. My favorite of course is "I love you mommy" which sounds like one big slurred word!

Does not like it when people are sad. Even if she is crying....if you act sad she will run over and give you a big hug

Still a dare devil!

Starting to cut out her 2nd nap.

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