Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Great Saturday

We had a great Saturday as a little family. After a really long hard week it was really needed. We woke up with no plans for the day and after everyone had a good morning nap we set out for some lunch and window shopping. We ended up at this cute little place called Grilled Cheese & Co. It was packed! I guess everyone loves a good grilled cheese.

Afterwards we headed to Elliott City for some window shopping. We got to test out the new double strolled! We are now That family! We got a few cute things from a few shops including a giant pb cup from a candy shop.

Zoey was pooped from all the fun as u can see.

That night we had friends over. They have a little girl Zoeys age and they love to play. We all just chatted for hours. It's so nice to have good people around us. We really love the Christensens and are sad they are leaving till July!
I love my weekends with my family. Having 2 kids has been crazy but so great too! Can't wait for warmer weather for more great weekends!

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