Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting the Tree

I had a whole week off of school for Thanksgiving and it was just the break I needed! Jake and I took the opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit not knowing how into Christmas we would be able to get with a newborn and Zoey keeping us busy! We got out the lights, decorations and most importantly, got our Christmas tree!

Mom Dad and Charly came down to spend some of the week with us and we had so much fun bringing them with us to the Pine Valley Christmas tree farm. We were the only ones there on a Tues afternoon (cause apparently everyone else gets their tree AFTER thanksgiving!) but we loved having free roam of the place....zoey especially.

Jake took to tree hunting VERY seriously and after a good hour back and forth we got the perfect tree! Jake cut it down, threw it in the back of truck and then we all went out for Mexican food! It was a great day!
Zoey holding 1 red m&m that got all over her clothes and face!
The tree hunting crew!

She loved every minute being in the cool fresh air!

Jake with the tree! (and his fly down) :o)
Uncle Jake and Charly

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