Tuesday, November 16, 2010

13 months!

I have just been fascinated watching her learn so fast! It seems like every day she is picking up a new word, or new baby sign, or making a new animal sound.

She loves her books. She will carry a book to you and demand it be read! lol. She LOVES LOVES her book of words and if you say "What does a monkey say?" she will say "oooo ah ah ah" (like a monkey) then go to the other side of the house, find her book, bring it to you and open to the page with the monkey and show it to you. She loves all those words in the book and finding the ones she knows when you ask her.

Today the babysitter was reading her a book about baby Jesus. When she said the word Jesus, Zoey turned around and pointed to the picture of Jesus on her wall. She loves her pictures of Jesus around the house!
We have been working a lot on Baby Signs. I look up the American Sign Language Sign for different words and teach them to Zoey. She is learning them really fast. She does MORE, ALL DONE, SLEEP/NAP, PLEASE, EAT. Of course when she wants something she will not do PLEASE. She prob wishes she knew the sign for GIVE ME NOW!

I am just loving this stage of her life!! The only complaint I have is that she does not say Mama. She says "ma!" sometimes but we think its only when she is tired. Maybe she just thinks I am the hired babysitter! lol. She doesn't say dada a ton either though. Either way, we love her!!

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