Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What We Know About Zoey

I have been thinking about things about Zoey that I love the past few weeks and after reading Kathy's blog about cute little Gavin at age 1, I thought I better get it on the blog before she turns 1 and I don't remember what she was like at 5 months!

Zoey turns 5 months next week!! These are things I know and love about her!

~ She reaches for EVERYTHING! She just wants her on hands on it all!
~Her hair is growing, but sticks STRAIGHT UP...just like mine when I was her age
~We are now pretty sure she has hazel eyes, blonde hair and favors her left hand!
~ She has just discovered her feet and that they can touch her face!
~ She is so happy when she wakes up. You walk her in room in the morning and there she is, in her crib with her little head lifted and a big smile on her face...along with good sleep marks all over her face!
~ She can get up on her knees
~ Her rubber duckie at bath time makes her extremely happy
~She had her first rice cereal feeding last sun March 7th. She really liked it!
~ She can almost sit up on her own...but is usually too busy reaching for something to stay in one spot for too long
~ She loves being naked and getting her diaper changed
~She loves rolling to her tummy but gets stuck there.
~ She can stand holding on to something
~ She loves her reflection. It makes her flat out laugh out loud. I can't help but laugh too!
~ She is such a happy baby! There is not much she hates...thank goodness!

this is zoey's first feeding!! such a big girl!!

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