Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed In!!! Blizzard 2009

Today was the perfect Saturday! It started snowing last night at 11pm and hasn't let up yet! This morning it was up to my knees, and now its 9pm and I'm sure its up to my hips by now!

It was a great day to get into the Christmas spirit. We played Christmas songs all day, and wrapped presents, and got all our ingredients to bake! We tried to take the truck to the grocery store, but the four wheel drive was not working and we didnt make it a foot out of our parking spot. We got Zoey all bundled in her snow suit, but didn't get far. At least we got some cute pics!

Church is cancelled tomorrow and I am pretty positive I will get at least a 2 hour delay for school Monday! the snow! Glad it will be around for Christmas. It just makes the holidays that much better!
snow and lights... must be christmas!

lots of snow

in her snow suit that doesnt quite fit yet

nap time

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