Friday, November 13, 2009

FLASHBACK: First Thanksgiving With Jake

It was the Thanksgiving of 2006. Jake and I were "casually dating". (decoded as me totally crazy about him and him totally clueless how to communicate his feeling with me. lol. )

I was spending the day with Jake's family since it was too expensive to fly home. I had gotten to know his family really well, since Jake and I spent most weekends together.

Thanksgiving dinner was held at Tammi and Mikes. Everything was so good, and Jake and I got to sit at the kids table with Jake's adorable cousins!

Jake and I were hanging out in the living room when I decided I could go for another dinner roll. I walked myself into the kitchen where lots of people are sitting and chatting. I grab a roll and start walking back to the living room. I am talking to the fam in the kitchen and walking and eating at the same time (obviously too much to handle for myself) and I turn the corner to the living room....but low and behold its not the living room.... its a flight of stairs to the basement! Well, it was too late. I had already flung myself down them. I tumbled all the way to the bottom of the stairs heels and all of course making as much noise as possible.

I lay there thinking "this living room looks different", and then I see I still have my dinner roll in my hands! lol. So sad. I ended up twisting my ankle, and completely embarrassing myself as everyone fussed over me. Someone had to go and get Jake and tell him his date was lying at the bottom of the stairs. So hot I know!

Anyway... Jake still married me, and I even went back to Tammi and Mike's last year for Thanksgiving. I got lots of warnings about the basement door being there. They kept it closed for me thank goodness!!!

So lets hope this thanksgiving for minor injuries, and just a little bit of embarrassment.


  1. Ha ha ha!! GREAT story!! Here's to a much more sophisticated and graceful Thanksgiving this year!! :)

  2. LOL- you crack me up! :) You know you've got a good guy when he loves you even at your down moments- and for you, it was literally down the stairs! I'm so glad you didn't break anything! (maybe just your pride, though)