Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here We Go....

I finally got my butt into gear to start a blog of our very own. I have loved peeking at other families blogs! Hopefully some will love peeking at ours... that is if I can keep up with it!

Jake and I are about to embark on the greatest adventure of our lives. I am 36 weeks pregnant with our first, and we can't wait for Zoey to come and make our lives crazy! (Maybe I shouldn't be watching so much super nanny!!)
Jake and I also will be hitting another milestone in our relationship.... 2 YEARS this coming Sunday. It has been such an amazing 2 years....definately not as hard as we were warned it would be. I love having a husband to come home to, and to share my days with. I love having a husband like Jake who is just plain easy to get along with, and addicting to be around. Its been a very lucky 2 years.

Some of our FAVORITES since we've gotten married:
~Getting Linkin (our maltese) Remembering his little face in his crate as he came off the airplane still melts my heart! His barking at nothing...not so much!

~ Going to IKEA and just walking around and getting a 50 cent hot dogs
~ Coaching High School Cheer together

~Going on our first vacation to Jim Thorpe PA where we biked, rafted on the river, camped, and paintballed, and then to the poconos...where we relaxed!!

~ Getting our first Christmas Tree and decorating it with dollar store ornaments.
~ Buying our first house! It was such a long process, but so worth it!
~ Buying a brand new car, even though I cried having to trade in my MINI.

~ Seeing Zoey for the first time on the ultra sound!
As you can see.... life is good to us. Not perfect.... but we have so many blessing to be thankful for!
We hope our blog will keep our close fam and friends in the loop, as some are not as close as we would like them to be.

Here's to happy blogging!!


  1. I love blogs! They are such a great way to keep up! Can't wait for more Nelson updates!

  2. I love your blog...and reading all you have accomplished in such a short 2 years together. I love even more how much you love your husband, and I am sure his love for you is even grater!! I am happy to hear that "Life is Good" there.
    Can't wait to read more... Emily

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! I am SOOO excited to stay up to date on your family! Now you need to post some prego pics! I want to see you! :)