Thursday, September 10, 2009


With only 3 weeks to go, I am almost sad that my pregnancy is over. It has been such an awesome experience! I have escaped heart burn, swelling, constipation, morning sickness, round ligament pains, charly horses, and even a ton of weight gain (only 16 pounds so far). I love feeling her and seeing her moving around in my stomach. I love the way people treat me... so super sweet and helpful with everything. (in boston on the T people got out of their seats to let me sit down! I was amazed!)

If I wasn't on my feet all day from teaching high school, I would be happy pregnant for weeks to come.

So... we are ready for her to come at this point! I belong to a message board with other ladies due in oct 2009, and they basically keep me on the ball. I have had my hosptial bag packed since some lady scared me into the idea of not being prepared!! Not only is the hospital bag ready, but the diaper bag, the snacks, the magazines, books, cameras etc.. The message board has been an awesome resource for me and my questions, but today they are all fighting about someone who made a post and wrote they were annoyed that people were writing "dialate" and not "dilate". Its pretty heated right now! I guess thats what you get for putting lots of hormonal women in their 3rd trimester together!!
To get ready we also have brought home a doll ( "ready or not tot") that the child development students use. The baby is newborn size and weight and it cries and you have to feed it and so on... We got it to see how linkin does with the idea of having a baby around. Well... Linkin and Jake are doing great with it... Me on the other hand had a little bit of an episode when Jake forgot to turn it off before we went to sleep

In the middle of the night it starts crying. Like really loud!! Lets just say poor jake couldn't get the right key in it fast enough to turn it off and it ended with me screaming and grabbing the doll out of his hands and shutting it up! Jake says I told him I hated him...but I don't recall this. EVERYONE don't be alarmed. I will not be doing this with my own child! I did scare the crap out of my husband though!

Besides 1 ugly incident, it has been a smooth amazing ride with Zoey! I can't wait to see her face and hold her! I might not be able to cause we all know Jake won't be sharing her!!

Below are pics of her nursery (jake and his mom did the BEST job!) and some pics of me. I try to take pics of myself...obviously not so good at that . I also included the cute giraffe costume Zoey will wear for Halloween!! (anyone have a tip for arranging these pics better! They are being such a pain!)

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and healthy delivery!

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  1. WOW- her room looks awesome! Way to go! And Stac- you're little tummy is so cute! You do NOT look 37 weeks prego! Amazing! I'm sooo excited for you both. Good luck- i'll be thinking/praying for you!