Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jake & Justin's White Trash 30th Bday Bash!

Well....Jake is 30! And I wanted to celebrate it BIG!! So I emailed his friends like 2 months ago and told them to save the date and it worked. They all came and made this one really fun party! Justin Barrett was also turning 30, so we decided to throw this party for the both of them! It was a surprise party that turned out to be a pretty lame surprise (they came in when no one was ready) but the night was great.....cold but great! We did a White Trash Bash! Everyone had to dress up and bring a white trash side dish. We had KFC, Mac and Cheese, Bacon Wrapped SPAM (Amy and Beagle creation) and microwave ravioli pocket things. And don't forget about the dirty cupcakes complete with potty's, pole dancers and Git Er Done banners. We had a twinkie/hostess eating contest, and we sat around the campfire bashing on Justin and Jake for a long time. We finished it off with a round of Happy Birthday and a pie in the face! It was such a great night! Happy Dirty Thirty Jake!

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