Thursday, April 11, 2013

ZOEY 3.5 years old

I can  go  on  and  on  about  this  girl.  Time  just  seems  to  be  going  by  so  fast  and  now  I have  this  cute little preschooler on  my  hands with  more  personality than  we  figure  it out what to do with. 
I didn't  want  time to let this time get away from me to reflect on who zoey is at this exact moment in her life.

Zoey loves playing mommy/ baby. She  always has her  toys  grouped  up  into families with mommy and  baby. 

She loves to play mommy /baby  but when she plays with people she never wants to be mommy.  She likes to be sister. 

Zoey likes rules  and order.  I love  this  about  her... Unless she  is  so  ocd about  it  that  it  leads  to  complete  melt downs. 

She  loves church and primary and her teacher Sister Goodrich.  She is learning so much in her class.  She always is so excited to tell us what  she  is  learning.  She  impressed Jake and I by telling us the whole resurrection story. 
"the angels moved the rock and Jesus came out.... Mary was  sad but Jesus went to  see  her... " 

More to finish later..

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