Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Annual Late Christmas Post

Christmas was great and insane all at the same time. 

Jake and I were completely frazzled from Groupon and the 16 hour days we were trying to get through. Bryant got married and my parents were here and we were making thousands of cake pop s a week. 

I was so sad to see the Christmas season passing by without really being able to embrace it.
My mom got us the little elf on a shelf and the elf maybe made it to two spots.

It took serious strategic planning to get presents bought and wrapped!

But Christmas day and Christmas eve were great.  I love seeing zoey and Logan so excited to have Santa come.  They really make holidays so special. 

They got spoiled with presents from grandmas and grandpas and aunt julie. They were so lucky to have so many people who love them. 

We are so lucky to have the freedom to teach our little ones about Jesus Christ and his birth. It warms my heart to hear zoey express her love and understanding for Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. 

I hope next season I personally will have more time to really focus on Christmas and the special time of year it is.

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