Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Happenins

Spring and life are in full bloom here. It is almost hard to miss maryland sometimes. Of course we miss our friends and our house and the trees but we are really doing well.

Jake is doing great at RBS and I love subbing and being with the kids (most days).  Jakes family has been so helpful. I never thought I could call Utah my home. I am a true east coaster at heart, but over time the roof over your head doesn't seem to matter as much as the people you are making a life with.

" It is not the home that I love but the life that I lived there" Elsie De Welfe

Things keep changing so quickly and I never can keep up with this blog! So here are some of my Facebook updates that I've posted recently....

MAY 19th - This was a horrible 4 days with the kids. I was almost in tears everyday!!

"A typical 5 min in my life lately.... Zoey asks 15 times for cereal, all while logan is banging on the piano.I get logan off the piano and sit him next to zoey who is now crying. I get milk for cereal and Logan finds the salt shaker (enough said)...give zoey cereal, start to clean up the mound of salt logan is now pushing around the counter. Cleaning the salt off the floor and Logan takes Zoey's spoon. She hits him. He cries. He pulls 20 hairs out of her head. Both are hysterical. Logan starts taking anything he sees on counter and chucking it across the room. Zoey is on the floor crying. I'm just about there too! 

And so the days seem to continue in that manor."

Look what grandma bought!

MAY 18th - I interviewed and accepted a job!!! Some days I am excited and some days I dread it. We want to badly to get out of debt and feel like 1 year of both of us working will get us in control of our finances!

"Did I mention I am going to be a Middle School teacher next school year?! Well. I am. A little terrified of middle school but the classes are 50 min long. And shorts days every Fri. Oh and when I interviewed there were like 10 kids in line for the principals office! I hope I'm up for the challenge!"

May 17th - These were 4 awesome days when I got to realize how much I love dance and how much I wanted to steal this teacher's job right out from under her! 

"I get to sub for a high school dance class for 4 days! Today it felt so great doing technique and teaching a hip hop combo! The girls loved it! They say their teacher never teaches them anything. Off to think of a good lyrical for tomorrow!"
We can't take credit for this awesome hairstyle Logan sported in church

Zoey Picking Me a Flower after playing at "the gym"

May 8th - Jake and I have decided to step in and join Jake's brother's longboarding business. We gave them a bit of cash and stepped in to help them with some back orders. Now we are well on our way to getting the business going again! Here is something one of Justin's friend posted on my wall. Apparently their followers on Facebook thought I was there mom stepping in to right their wrongs. lol. Not really the case!

"I am finding it so funny that all of these guys keep thinking you're Justin and Jared's mother. You definitely do not look old enough to be their mom, nor, look anything like them. Haha oh silly boys.. Just because you have the same last name, you're automatically their mother. Didn't they see the post Jacob posted saying "brother"..? :)
Anyways. You guys are awesome and it makes me happy that you guys are helping out and pushing them to be the best that they can be and more. And believing that they can. :)
I miss all of you!"

New friends! Zoey and Calvin

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