Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoey- Our 18 month Old

I can't believe Zoey is a busy little toddler! She has so much life in her...place to go, things to do, messes to make! She may be petite but this girl has big plans!

Here are some of the things we know, love and don't love about Zoey

She was only 23 pounds at her 18 month check up

She loves Barney and Elmo (Ba-yee and Elmee)

Some of her favorite animal sounds to make are a dog, monkey, cat, owl, chicken, duck, cow, sheep, lion, bear and she is working on a horse. If we say "eat your chicken, she says 'bahk bahk"

She says lots of words now....some of our favorites that she says are cookie and cupcake and "tickle tickle tickle" which she says as "googie, googie, googie"

NO is Zoey's favorite word, and she shakes her head and says NO at the same time. You can't miss it

She says mommy really well now! FINALLY!

She LOVES her shoes and loves putting them on!

She loves her back yard including her slide and sandbox and swing.

She loves ALL THINGS BALL!! She is pretty good at throwing balls, too.

She loves brushing her teeth, then saying a prayer before bed.

She has a puzzle that has 6 different doors and there are animals behind the doors. She has memorized what animal is behind each door. It's fascinating to me.

She can slide down the stairs in 2 seconds....seriously. And it's a lot of stairs and steep!

She still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps about 11 hrs! It's glorious except for Sundays when church throws everything off for everyone.

She likes to help change Logan's diapers, throw out trash and help clean whenever she can.

When she doesn't get her way her whole body goes limp and she falls on the floor furious at us. I guess Jake should stop doing that when he doesn't get his way. (lol. jk)

When we go to a store she LOVES to run free everywhere! It's impossible to keep her in the cart very long. Going to the store either requires the whole family, or a very focused short trip with lots of snacks to distract!

When she is mad at me or Jake she release her anger by smacking Logan on the top of his head.

She loves to give kisses and hugs.

She eats EVERYTHING. It's great....chicken, shrimp, all veggies, fruits, yogurt, hot sauce...

She is so brave. Nothing really scares her. She gets shy sometimes, but a big kid slide at the park by herself...no prob.

She is very independent. She wants to do things on her own. She doesn't want to ever hold my hand. She won't let me help her down the steps, or let me feed her or EVER cuddle her! lol. This is why I have Logan.

We love our Zoey. She is quite the diva some days, but we are trying to teach her about love, and family and Jesus and about being a good girl. We hope she continues to be excited to learn.

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  1. So awesome. I love to hear all the little ways she's growing and learning. She sounds like a fun little firecracker! :)