Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Through the Good and the Bad

Jake and I knew that these last two semesters were going to be hard. Having opposite schedules, two babies, no family around, no money, we knew we were gonna have to hold onto our horses and just get through it. We didn't expect the car trouble, the $700 heating bill, the $10,000 I need in dental wok (all of this was in one week), the sick babies, the sick momma etc etc. I have to say that the past few months have been the most challenging in my life, and at the same time so rewarding.

I have two beautiful babies! They are growing and becoming their own people before my very eyes. Zoey loves to make us laugh and Logan charms us all with his smiles and cooing. I get so excited to come home from school and see them with their daddy who does such an amazing job with them.

I have a husband who is a super dad! He plays with them, changes poppy diapers, feeds them, takes them to the dr, takes them on errands, teaches them and loves them so much. I don't know if I could do what he does staying home all day with them, doing school full time and working all while still being a great husband! I love my husband more everyday. We knows that coming into the bedroom with hot chocolate and my favorite candy after a hard day will make it all better. He knows that after trying to rock Logan to sleep for hours that he better take over so I don't freak out. I love spending time with him whether its shopping, or cuddling up to watch CASTLE, or making cupcakes together. I am so thankful that this tough period in our lives has brought us closer together, and that he makes my life so joyous.

I know that one day my kids will be grown up and out of the house and Jake and I will financially be comfortable, and we will have date nights and as much nap times as we please and will be able to sleep in on Saturdays and stay out late and keep the house clean for more than 20 minutes. I also think that I will think back to this time in my life and miss it more than anything!! For that reason I am gonna really cherish every second that I can! (maybe not the root canals though!)


  1. It definitely helps to stay positive & look for the silver lining too! You guys are awesome! It's amazing how it's the hardest times in our lives that help us grow the most, and those seem to be the times we remember best too. Hang in there!!

  2. Yes, Stacey....enjoy these days. You have been so blessed. Whenever I have dreams of our family together, it is always in our old apartment in White Plains -- 3 kids in one bedroom. I think those were the happiest times of my life as well.