Thursday, June 3, 2010

Linkin's Vet Appointment

Linkin has been limping a bit in the past week. We didn't want it to get worse and we of course didn't want him in pain, so I went ahead and made an appointment for him at the Vet. Since I was working, it was Jake who would have to bring him in.

Now....what you have to know about Jake is...he really tries to get things right, but often, things don't go right for him. He always puts others before himself, and is pretty awesome all around

With that being said, I was crossing my fingers that everything would go well with the appointment, that Jake would go to the right vet, ask about the costs before paying some crazy amount of money, that a tree wouldn't fall on Jake's truck keeping him from getting there, that he wouldn't be robbed in the parking lot of the vet etc. Well, I have to say. I was impressed to hear that everything went smooth. They gave Linkin some medicane, and said they didn't think it was broken. YEAH!!!!

So...4 hours later. I am driving home from school, and I get a text message from Jake.

"It was the right foot right?"

OMGosh! lol. I was laughing so hard, it wasn't the right was the LEFT FOOT that Linkin hurt!!!

ahhhh. I love him. All of him. You would think the owner and the vet would have been able to figure it out, but nope. Nothing like going to the vet to get a perfectly good foot looked at!


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