Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love Our Pediatrican

Ahhhh.... I love people who are good at what they do. Sometimes it seems like we live in a world of SO SO and it is so annoying. Well, I just love Zoey's pediatrican, Dr. Cohen! She is just a wonderful loving person. She makes a fuss over Zoey every time she sees her and always just lets me talk talk talk at her check ups. She always makes me feel like such a great mom. Whenever I have an issue, I just call up the office, tell the secretary, she gives her the message and Dr.Cohen calls right back to give me advice. Often she just calls in a perscription for me without me having to go all the way down there. I love it!
Today she even asked me how I was feeling. She remembered I was pregnant! She remembers everything. Asks me about how our traveling went or whatever we recently did.
If anyone is in need of a great pediatrician, I would gladly give you the number to her office!

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