Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy 6 Months Zoey!

Zoey means LIFE...

....and wow....she sure is full of it! I hear legends of babies that sit in their mothers lap for longer than 1 minute, and babies that are just content to lie under a play gym and star at the objects above. Well, not my little ball of fire!

Zoey does not stop moving. She loves people. She gets bored of being home and is happy to go shopping, or see a new face. She smiles ALL THE TIME! She has been crawling for a week now and is already bored of it. She just wants to stand all the time, and tonight while I was holding her up, she tried walking from the coffee table to her jumper(I was holding her the whole time of course). She is starting to pull herself to standing from the sitting position. She feeds herself her bottle... takes it out, inspects it and puts it back in. (it's hilarious! In my mind she is thinking.... 'ok, two more ounces to go'!)
Today at the doctors she mentioned that Zoey was trying to a be a 9 month old! It's bad enough time is flying by. I don't want Zoey to grow up sooo fast! Next week she is going to ask me for a cell phone!!!! Do you think I could just swaddler her up for a few months and keep her from learning any new tricks? She is leaving her poor parents in the dust!! lol.

We just love our little Gooey! We just hope she goes easy on us!


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